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Espírito Santo do Pinhal has Cultural

and Sports Activities. 


Enjoy your stay to live new experiences!


We customize the tours according to your preferences, make a request telling us what would you like to experience:

Coffee History


Espírito Santo do Pinhal, located at Mogiana region at São Paulo State, developed with the coffee plantation; this was also the reason of the connection with Santos with a railroad and the Italian immigration, which influence is still visible by the people from this town. Situated at a mountain region, has the perfect weather to grow coffee, Pinhal is a highlight of fine coffees, which are searched by the most critical importers.



Tour Suggestion:

From the Genome to your Cup.

Chapels Route


The Chapels Route is a touristic itinerary, inspired at the Faith Route. Is possible to do by trekking, horse, bike, quad, jeep and motorcycle. There are 30 chapels, some very old, each one with your stile and history, besides that, the nature is exuberant and unique. Experience and you will be delighted!! 


Tour Suggestion:

Trekking, horse, bike, quad, jeep and motorcycle.

Pico do Gavião


The Pico do Gavião is considered one of the best places in the world for the free flight, also welcome sports as Mountain Bike, Mountaineering and trekking.


This incredible place is situated by the Mantiqueira Range, only appreciate this place is a great tour!


Tour Suggestion:

Cocktail and



Espírito Santo do Pinhal, is reference for shirts, shoes and is located 15Km from Andradas, 30Km from Jacutinga, and 80Km from Monte Sião and Poços de Caldas references at clothes, porcelain, e cristals.


Tour Suggestion:

Knitwear Route

Tour Poços de Caldas

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